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Beach and Sea Cards

This range of free-hand illustrations of marine life was born out of our human fascination with the sea and its magical creatures. It affects us, as human beings, in so many ways.

It awakens our inner-child, bringing about an incredible playful excitement about the treasures that can – and might – unexpectedly be found. While strolling on the beach, snorkeling in the shallows, or diving in its dark depths – where it actually becomes rather scary.

It addresses the scientist in us, stopping us in our tracks to study the many varieties of life forms in the oceans. We are mesmerized by their intricate designs and structure – all fulfilling a function and giving meaning to their specific appearances.

But most importantly, it inspires the artist to celebrate the beauty of the sea and its colorful creatures through painting, drawing, and many other visual expressions. One is the coloring of these cards and then sharing the experience with someone special.

My intention with this range of cards is to share with you the wonder, appreciation, and love for our oceans. May you experience all of these as you sit with your crayons, coloring your magical waves, shells, and creatures as you see them.

‘Till next time…and remember…art makes its own rules

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