Decorative Floral Cards

Inspired by the 1920’s Art Deco era, this range of cards was challenging but quite exciting to design. During this time, the stylized floral textiles enthused us to find innovative shapes and layouts for these cards added with our own interpretation and coloring details.

It was an era of bold color, usually on dark backgrounds; even the ‘pastel’ colors were vibrant hues.

Anything goes with coloring-in and experiment with daring colors to dazzle and delight the recipient.

The A6 greeting cards are available in a pack of 20 unique designs for Thank You Notes. For the more adventurous, there is a pack of A5 coloring sheets – 30 pages in all, also amazing drawings, but with added detail to color on the go when traveling.

Enjoy the Roaring Twenties, motivated nearly 100 years later, listen to ragtime jazz and color with exuberance for family and friends.

Enjoy, relax and remember……’art makes its own rules’

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