From the Garden

This range of cards was inspired by the fantastic array of colors that filled our garden after the first rains that ended one of the worst droughts in our country in 130 years.

Thinking that we have lost our garden to the drought, the flowers that appeared, even from dry and dusty patches of sand, were phenomenal. The joy with which they burst through and displayed their colors was a spectacular celebration of life.

Initially, the flowers were tiny delicate blooms with bright yellows, oranges, purples – varied with white, reds, and blues, well, all the rainbow colors in glorious splendor.  They were beautiful and alive!

The flowers illustrated for these cards portray the various basic shapes of flowers – tulip-shaped flowers, like roses, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, and more – aiming to symbolize as many flowers as possible.

We illustrated flowers in pots, vases, and arrangements for coloring to share the joy of flowers with you. We honor them from the garden and into our homes for enriching our lives in so many ways

Thank you for taking the time to color these flowers in various charming colors of your choice…

Enjoy, relax and remember……’art makes its own rules’

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