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Have a Merry Christmas

Our 2017 Christmas coloring cards are an expansion of the Christmas theme. It was fascinating to research the meaning and symbols of the festive season which have become obscured through the years. There are many stories and myths regarding the symbols we use to celebrate Christmas, but let’s have fun and take a quick look at the Robin and Jingle bells.

Long known as the ‘robin redbreast’ the familiar robin gave its name to the first postmen who wore red-jackets and became known as ‘robins’, but the robins are also called spring birds because they symbolize renewal and new birth.  Another story suggests that a robin pulled a thorn from the crown of Christ whilst he was on the cross and that it was Christ’s blood that created the bird’s red breast.

It is fascinating, but there are several more theories and stories of the robin to read about if you wish to do so.

Jingle bells has quite an interesting origin according. Although originally intended for Thanksgiving season and having no connection to Christmas it became associated with Christmas music and the holiday season in general decades after it was first performed in Boston in 1857.  The song ‘ Jingle Bells’ was inspired by the town’s popular sleigh races during the 19th century, the rhythm of the tune mimics that of a trotting horse’s bells.

I hope you enjoyed this brief glimpse into the symbols and meaning of a couple of the Christmas season.

We thoroughly enjoyed the process of drawing these cards and are certain you will enjoy coloring it in as well.

Have fun, relax and remember .. art makes its own rules

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