Merry Greetings for Christmas

This Christmas season, we really got into the holiday spirit with winter happenings. We brainstormed about what to add to the range without repeating too many previous images.

Well, Ice skating on a frozen lake and snug woolen mittens just popped up on the list. ‘Yeah-yeah, that needs to be added!’ From the oven, warm Gingerbread with icing followed to welcome Jolly Santa still on his way. So far, so good…

The Tree needed to be decorated with Shiny Baubles and handmade Decorations (collected over the years, of course) with Ooo’s and Ahh’s and ‘can you remember…?

Finally, an impressive Star, carefully unpacked, adds the finishing touch. ‘Oh, would you look at that!

All these unique decorations grace the Tree only once a year when loved ones gather to spend time together, so the Tree is dressed in ribbons and bows as well.

Happy with the Christmas tree; all that is needed are the Gifts, beautifully gift wrapped. This year there is a huggable Teddy bear for the little one, Ruby red Poinsettias in a stylish box– Mom’s favorite flower, of course – and a stack of fascinating books for the weird Uncle.

We will keep secret whatever else wrapped in those mysterious Boxes; we do not want to spoil the surprise…

This is our gift to you, and we sincerely hope you enjoy coloring in all the beautiful memories to share with your loved ones this Christmas and the next and the next…

Merry Christmas! Relax, Enjoy… and remember….art makes its own rules!

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  1. I would love to buy some of your Christmas cards to color but I don’t understand how they are sold. Do they come in packages of several different pictures . I found them on Amazon but am confused about which pictures I would get. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much. Vivian Maroney

    1. They are sold in sets and all the designs shown in the listing are in pack. So if it there are 12 cards in the set that means 12 different designs.

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