My inspiration for Carnival Toys

It was time to take my inner child for a walk and have some fun. Adult life was getting much too serious.

Our stroll took us to the carnival with all the beautiful colorful animals just waiting for playmates to arrive. What joy it was to gallop full speed with the horse on its rocker, to tuck in underneath the cat’s and dog’s trolley with it bows and roses for a quick nap whist they keeping watch and to pull the rooster and the piggy along on a walk-about to the Carnival tent.

This range was created with a sense of joy in mind. Any color will do anywhere and any place – no rules – just your limitless imagination to take you to the wonder world of toys and carnival. I hope this range will give you endless joy and the same sense of excitement that I have experienced whilst illustrating and coloring it.

Till next time…color away…and remember art makes its own rules!

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