Thoughts about Party Animals

This range of free-hand illustrations has named itself by the elements used – various party elements and young animals.
Celebration is part of human nature and necessary for honoring loved ones in sharing important dates in life. The party elements used in this card range reminds us of the excitement we experienced as children with bustling grown-ups, organizing and preparing a feast for family and friends.

We can all remember colorful bunches of balloons tied together or stray ones left to float and decorate the ceiling, dazzlingly wrapped gifts with shiny ribbons and bows waiting to be opened, banner flags and streamers getting tangled and twisted while the kids are underfoot and then…. the delectable and delightful cakes, carefully decorated and lavishly displayed. These are all part of the special event for someone….

When wildlife are observed in their natural habitat they display playfulness, innocence and a joy of being. Using the different animals in the cards reminds us not to take life too seriously and allow ourselves to play and bond with the ‘herd’.

These cards are suitable for any occasion where you would like to let another person know how much they are appreciated and thought of. Taking the time to color a card and write a message from your heart  – even if the handwriting is squiggly, waved, curled or uneven- is a gift in itself. For me that is priceless.

I do hope you will have similar experiences while coloring-in or to give the cards to a colorist in your life.

Take time-out and play

Relax, Enjoy, Enthuse…..for…. art makes its own rules.

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