Season’s Greetings with Color

We have recently launched our 2018 range of Christmas cards, consisting of 20 images that has been launched as 2 packs of 10 images and are very excited and happy with the range.

We used software – absolutely new to us – to illustrate and compose the images of these cards and there was inevitable quite a learning curve, with a lot of growing pains, involved but we loved the learning process.

We are happy and grateful that the final product meets with the expectation we have set to ourselves when started working on this project and allow ourselves a brief moment of sweet success in which we sincerely hope you will share.

Enjoy taking these images from mere illustrations to your own very unique and special work of art intended for that very special person you have in mind whilst coloring.

Thank you for sharing the pleasure of creating with us and for supporting us in our quest to bring joy and fun-filled moment to the special folks you are.

Have fun, relax and makes its own rules


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