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‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Thank You’ and ‘Just a Note’ Coloring Cards

 Take time off and relax.

For the first time, the ‘Art Elect’ team decided upon designing cards for a specific purpose by adding text

This decision was based on our desire to express our appreciation with a card set saying ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has purchased, or will still purchase our coloring cards.

While we were at it we decided to add a ‘Happy Birthday’ set and one to send ‘Just a Note’. Each of the three sets has 10 cards each.

Each set consists of a variety of themes aimed to facilitate the different personalities, reasons, and occasions for showing gratitude or appreciation to someone. What better to do so by coloring them a card in their favorite colors.

The coloring time will vary based on the simplicity – or complexity – of the images.  There are cards for quick coloring and cards that will take longer to color, adding a mindful quality to the coloring process. The cards can be colored as needed or take time out for yourself and just enjoy some coloring therapy.

Thank you from the Art Eclect team for sharing with us the joy of personalized coloring for your family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.

Make the coloring fun, express your individuality, and remember that ‘art makes its own rules’!

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