Christmas Greetings inspired by the 1950’s

With our respective backgrounds in Fashion and Textile design, we decided to indulge in creating this range of 50’s style Christmas cards to capture the glamour of fashion and couture of that era. We present it to you to splurge with color, the rich festive hues depicting the Season’s spirit.

Fashion in the 1950s was exciting and diverse, offering different style options and fresh silhouettes for different personalities.

Key designs for the decade included dresses with cinched waists and poodle skirts, pencil skirts and playful gingham and polka dot textiles, cropped sweaters, cardigans, and much more. Structured and complex pattern design resulted in elaborate couture evening gowns.

With its chic retro style and playful looks, the iconic decade still served as an inspirational reference for designers and artists today. The exaggerated hourglass silhouette, the fundamental characteristic of the ’50s, was highly feminine and made it fun to use as inspiration.

Hope you will have as much fun coloring these cards as we had to create them.

Have fun and remember ….art makes its own rules!

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