Valentine & Appreciation Cards

What a brilliant idea it was to allocate a month of the year to Valentine (as far we are concerned – not just 1 day).  A time to tell that person close to your heart how you feel.

We are talking about sharing the love because you want to share that wonderful feeling with someone. Sharing this feeling makes you feel good, and that is the wonder of it.

Another equally delightful feeling is appreciation: showing appreciation and being appreciated. Gratitude may be for what someone has done for you – even a stranger – or just because you understand a person for who they are!

Love and appreciation…the two most enriching and uplifting emotions and feelings we humans can show.  Too often, the opportunity slips by and is lost.

Let us not lose these opportunities. Express these feelings of love and appreciation on a card in delightful colors. Spend time with that person in your thoughts while coloring.  Express it, share it!

It is from this motivation that this range of cards was designed. Now, we need to share those uplifting feelings that bond and holds us together more than ever.

We trust that coloring and sharing these cards will bring as much joy to you and the recipient. Whether it is your beloved, family members, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, or anyone playing a role in your life, regardless of how big or small.

‘Till next time…and remember…art makes its own rules

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