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Walk amongst Wildflowers

Nature is filled with wonder and pleasant surprises, join us on a walk amongst tiny little flowers, flowers that bloom only during nighttime or blooms with exotic appearances. Other illustrations were inspired by plants growing in remote areas like the Himalayas and the deserts of Africa. Nowadays some of these flowers may be found in florists or growing in your garden but their ancestors are wild and wonderful.

Artistic license was used to alter scale or growth patterns of plants making  them more suitable for coloring cards and occasion, characteristics of the flowers have been enhanced for the sake of the composition.

The intention was not to do botanically correct flower studies but rather to emphasize the amazing characteristics and features of the flowers.

The irregularities appearing in the line work is typical of free hand-drawn illustrations.

Colors do not need to be true to life, use your imagination and color for pure enjoyment, remember – “art makes it own rules”

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