Wildlife Greeting Cards

Welcome to a new range of greeting cards to celebrate the diverse and incredible wildlife we share our world with.

The concept sketches had been done a while ago. Still, the Covid lockdown presented an unexpected opportunity and a particular desire as an artist to develop and complete these sketches.

While nature had time to exhale and enjoy the freedom without our interference, we were in isolation. We had time to reflect on the craziness of our environment.

Spending time with these animals ‘in their habitat,’ developing and drawing the savannas, deserts, trees, veld, and rocks provided a wonderful escape while being indoors. The decorative designs allow the colorist the freedom to stray from nature’s palette into your own colorful representation.

Typically, an image (or maybe two) needs more attention in a range – ‘something’ just doesn’t work. In this range, it was ‘The Camel’ – Boy, he made me work and re-draw and re-design the background, never satisfied. Frustrated, I would continue with another design and leave him for a couple of days to rest.  

It turned into a game but eventually, we reached an agreement – which left me exhausted but satisfied with a suitable background.  I could just sense the camel’s response was – ‘mmm…. that’s much better, don’t you think’….?

Every animal in this range have their story to share… ‘The Camel’ though, insisted!

In the end it was a joy and a delight to design this range, hopefully these beautiful animals will have the same humorous and calming effect on the colorist during your creative process.

Stay Safe – Relax, Enjoy, Enthuse…. for…’art makes its own rules’. 

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